How to Make it as an Artist in your Mind First

How to Make it as an Artist in your Mind First

The Greatest Personal Achievement Tip of All

by David “Rainman” Banta

Multi Platinum 2 time Billboard #1 selling mixing engineer/producer

© 2013

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     “I know that you’ve been studying the subject of personal achievement and success for many years now. And you have studied the greatest teachers of all time. Is there one success tip that outshines them all that you can share with us?” I recently received this question from a friend of mine, and I have a great answer that I think is worth sharing with everyone.

One of the great teachings that most of the teachers I studied teach is that your brain will answer any question that you ask it consistently. If you’re constantly asking negative questions like “Why do bad things always happen to me?”, your brain will come through with an answer. The great thing is the door swings both ways. If you ask your brain positive questions it will give you those answers as well. The brain is one of the greatest computers of all time and it’s been given to us to help us on our way. Sometimes it just needs a little coaching.

.Napoleon Hill actually teaches how to ask your brain the correct questions in great detail. He teaches that before you sleep atnight, you should ask your brain the right questions out loud with feeling. For example, “How can I make more money”, or “How can I market myself better”. Your brain will give you great answers. Napoleon Hill also teaches that you should pressure your brain into giving you great answers. For example, I’ve asked my subconscious before sleep “Brain, I need you to show me how to better market myself and earn more money. The quality of the answer that you give me will literally determine whether I am homeless or living in a mansion in 20 years.” My brain has consistently given me great answers and this has changed my life!

I am self-employed and over the years I would have regular nightmares. About me being old and homeless, being evicted etc. I used to just write that off as my brain warning me that I better go to work now. I know now that whatever you tend to focus on tends to manifest. If you focus on negative things negative things will tend to manifest. If you focus on positive things positive things will tend to manifest.The way to prevent homelessness in your life is not to focus on the causes and pains of homelessness rather to focus on abundance and the causes of abundance.

I took Napoleon Hill’s advice and each night before sleep I would give my brain a brief talking to. I would explain to my subconscious that dreams filled with worry and fears are not productive. It can cause physical illness, as well as unhappiness. I explained to my brain that while years ago fear may have been essential to human survival, it’s more of a detriment in today’s world. I also tell my brain that it needs to show me how to run my business better and how to market better.

Here’s an even better way to ask questions. Instead of asking yourself “How can I market myself as an artist better?”Say to your brain “I finally figured out how to market myself as an artist, and the answered it was so simple it was………?” And eventually your brain will fill in the blank with a great answer. Try it you’ll see!

To my surprise it works marvelously! The first day that I tried giving my brain some suggestions before I went to sleep I asked it to give me the answer on better ways to market myself. I actually had a dream that night with two great ideas on how to market. When I woke up, those ideas were in the front of my mind. I was amazed! Put a notepad and pen by your bed so you can write down the great ideas before you forget. I also started telling my brain no more nightmares only dreams of abundance and prosperity. I haven’t had the nightmare since!

It’s a good thing to chastise your brain when it has a negative reaction. I was at the market one day and I saw something on sale. My brain reacted by saying “You better stock up on It now, since you might not have the money later.” I realized quickly that that was a negative reaction. It presupposes that I will be broke in the future. On the way home I chastised my brain for having such a negative reaction and presupposition. And I’ve never had that thought again! After just a few days of correcting my brain for having negative thoughts and reactions, the negatives were gone. It made me much happier.

I’m not suggesting that you talk to yourself all day long. Just a few sentences a day can change your life.

So don’t be afraid to talk to your brain and tell it how to think better. Your brain is programmed and it’s a great way to reprogram it for a better life! Napoleon Hill says don’t be afraid to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and explains to your brain how it is. You’ll be much happier and more successful because of it.

Make sure to ask your subconscious “How can I enjoy the process?” The need to seek pleasure and avoid pain is biological. If you do something that you know is good for you but it is painful you may stick to it, but she won’t be happy. Finding joy and pleasure in doing things that are good for you is a key to true success and happiness. Ask your brain how to do that. “How can I have more joy at work?” “How can I have more harmony at home?” You’ll see your brain will give you great answers!

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