Consistent Happiness.

Consistent Happiness.
(David “Rainman” Banta)
© 2013

Don’t re live negative things over and over in your mind. Remember one of your main ultimate goals is be consistently happy.
If an A-hole driver cuts you off for example,you can accept the fact that there will always be bad drivers out there and understand that you may not be able to change that, but you can control how to react.
It’s one of the greatest teachings that between stimulus and response we as human beings have the ability to choose. (Stephen R. Covey is big on this)
We can either accept that there are bad drivers and smile and go our way, or we can get pissed and be unhappy for the duration of the time we are pissed.
Then we can choose to forget about it or live that moment over and over again in our minds throughout the day Creating consistent unhappiness which becomes a bad habit. For many of us consistent unhappiness has become a bad habit.
Great news! The habit of consistent happiness can many times be created quickly and easily. Sometimes a little knowledge can cause a revelation that can create lasting change in your life instantly! Sephen R. Covery calls it a “Paradigm shift”

So many teachers I’ve studied teach that if your thoughts are mostly positive you will get mostly positive results. if your thoughts are mostly negative you will get mostly negative results.
Choosing to get angry and relive it over and over in your mind is not only negative thoughts that will produce negative results. like bad health, It also makes you unhappy!
Remember, before you react you have the ability to choose and how you choose determines your level of happiness, success and even health!

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